Resulting From Sadiq Khan’s Disastrous Policies, Homicides In London Hit Ten-Year High

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In what even a spokesman for Sadiq Khan has called “shameful“, the number of murders in Britain and London has hit 130 since January 1st, with 73 victims who were stabbed to death and 14 victims who were fatally shot.

Khan’s spokesman deflected any real responsibility from the current Mayoral administration, saying:

The causes of violent crime are deeply complex and made far worse by huge government cuts over the last eight years to the police, youth services, councils and charities.

Despite massive increases in assaults like acid and machete attacks, moped-enabled crime, and terrorismhomicides do remain below their highest point from in the 1990’s.

However, major strides have transformed medicine, technology, and infrastructure in London, vastly increasing victims’ odds of surviving mortal injuries in recent times. Chiefly, among those changes was the establishment of the London Trauma System in 2010 which incorporated specialist Major Trauma Centers and Trauma Units.

For the first time in history, London’s Air Ambulance Service is now overseeing more stabbings and shootings rather than traffic accidents. The Ambulance Service has also adopted techniques used by doctors and paramedics developed in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, such as regular use of tourniquets.

Youth homicide is massively up as well, with the notion that London’s changing demographics are causing a breakdown in social cohesion and stability as refugees and migrants are shipped in and allowed to freely migrate into Westernized cultures.

One must wonder what officials and politicians thought would happen when they imported immigrants from backward, misogynist cultures into progressive, free societies with no integration or oversight.

Again and again, the bulk of refugees coming into Europe have proven they do not understand – nor do they care to – the concept of a liberated and free-choice culture. Instead, they attempt to infiltrate and shape Westernized societies into the foreign systems they supposedly fled from.

London is under siege – and it’s a wholly preventable attack as authority figures willfully bury their head in the sand regarding the real and true dangers facing ordinary citizens.