Rich Family P.I. Confirms: Seth Rich Had Contact With WikiLeaks Prior To His Murder

A bombshell report by Marina Marraco of Fox 5 D.C. purports Seth Rich leaked thousands of internal DNC e-mails to WikiLeaks months before his death.

Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the Rich family, claims there’s physical evidence on Seth Rich’s laptop that confirms he communicated with WikiLeaks prior to being murdered.

For 10 months, D.C. police have labeled Rich’s murder as a “robbery gone wrong“. However, the only thing stolen from Seth Rich was his life; his attackers didn’t bother to take anything else from him. The official police report of the incident even proves that Seth Rich was alive and conscious when officers found him. Did Rich say anything to police when they found him and did their body cameras catch anything of interest at the scene?

If there is hard evidence that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks prior to his death – it must be released.

Sensationalist headlines only go so far. Fake news is a serious woe of the digital age. If these new and stunning claims are true, the evidence must be showcased front and center. If Rich did e-mail WikiLeaks 44,000 internal DNC documents, a clear and defined motive for his murder arises.

Going further, consider this:

In February, John Podesta joined The Washington Post as a contributor.

Just hours before it was revealed Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks, WaPo ran a story (with no basis of proof) that smeared President Trump.

However, when the Internet never forgets what you’ve reported, it’s hard to act outraged over something you treated as normal.

The smear Wapo ran was nothing more than an attempt to distract from the Rich bombshell they were aware was coming

It’s glaringly obvious. Wapo and by extension, Podesta – knew the revelations about Seth Rich’s murder was traveling down the pipe.

In a desperate attempt at deflecting, they tried to garner fury over a total non-issue concerning the President. Either that, or the timing between their smear article and the initial reports of Rich being in contact with WikiLeaks is just a staggering coincidence. However, I find that very hard to believe if there is actual evidence of correspondence between WikiLeaks and Rich.

Plainly, we’re all crying out for justice. We want an isomer of accountability to enter our political scene. Enough of the clickbait headlines, enough of the sensationalist garbage. If there is evidence, release it. Only then can we demand justice for Rich and hold accountable the perpetrators of this heinous and senseless murder. If the DNC did murder Seth Rich, they’re not going to wiggle away from accountability for their actions.

We cannot allow them to.

Note: This article is a guest submission from Jon Hall; check him out on Twitter.  Free Market Shooter is looking forward to hosting more of his excellent content in the near future!