Sadiq Khan’s London Rings In 2021 With BLM Fist Fireworks While Experts Say Online Extremism Can No Longer Be Policed

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London’s New Years Eve firework display included a polarizing surprise for citizens from Mayor Sadiq Khan. The “raised fist” symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement was illuminated in the night sky using fireworks and drones during the event ringing in 2021. This show of solidarity from London’s government comes after recent vandalization from Black Lives Matter mobs in London over the summer, after they repeatedly defaced a Winston Churchill statue, tried to burn the flag on a memorial for the Cenotaph national war, and attacked police in the streets.

Sadiq Khan posted a clip of the display on Twitter afterward, saying: “Our New Years Eve show just sent a loud, proud message to the world: London stands together against racism – tonight and always. #BlackLivesMatter“. As a result of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, Khan’s term has been extended by a year without an election or vote.

In the posted clip, voiceovers also state: 

The future holds unexposed danger but no stress, humankind is no stranger to progress, and as we’ve proven, when we collaborate, progress follows fast. This is one voice with one message: Black Lives Matter.

Time and time again, London has shown that they are willing to ignore the actual problems and dangers facing their nation. They are more willing to divert attention away from anything of merit to focus instead on flashy, virtue-signaling displays like these. Just a week into the new year, the head of the UK’s counter-terrorism police, Neil Basu, warned that because of COVID-19, online extremism “cannot be policed” and is creating the “perfect storm” for terrorists.

In a report by the UN’s counter-terrorism committee, it was detailed that nations need to be aware of terrorist groups that are using the COVID-19 pandemic to their benefit and using online games in attempts to target children in lockdown from the virus. The committee also revealed that it had seen an increase in children being radicalized online. With extremism becoming even more rampant and with the combination of lockdowns, mental illness, and isolation – coupled with more time spent on the internet – is causing an ideal situation for terrorists.

A new “Online Harms” bill which proposes internet regulation that would see companies remove extremist material or face fines is currently in the U.K. parliament. Mr. Basu called this bill “fundamental” to combating the issue.

The U.K.’s independent counter-extremism adviser, Sara Khan, published a report in October 2019 that criticized London’s governmental response to extremism as “inadequate, unfocused” and in need of “an overhaul”. Khan’s report has gone without a response from the U.K. government after nearly two years. Khan also claimed that the current strategy was “weak, disjointed, and behind the curve”. She specified that the system of how extremism was currently handled needed to fundamentally change if the country was going to deal with the ever-growing problem of extremism.

As always, politicians in London and across Europe continue to be tone-deaf and show extravagant displays of support for the violent and Marxist mobs trying to change culture and dictate discourse across their country. It is but a mere band-aid to showcase a clenched fist for the BLM movement high in the sky in a bid to virtue-signal and show you’re on the “right side of history”.

It’s certainly only willful neglect of these politicians to continue to turn a blind eye to the problems that have been around for years and further pretend they don’t exist as they grow in furor, strength, and intensity, threatening the very sovereignty and safety of the everyday citizens they were elected to represent.