Sadiq Khan’s London: Woman Raped By Impostor Uber Driver, Two Men Sexually Assault Young Man

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Mohammed Awais was sentenced to a stint in jail after a “disgusting” attack where he kidnapped, raped, and robbed a young woman who mistook him for an Uber driver.

Awais “acted as an impostor” from Uber to get the woman into his car at around midnight on October 20 of 2018. The girl, who had spent the evening out with friends, was dragged down a dark alley in Newham, east London, where she was raped and had all of her possessions stolen after Awais impersonated a driver.

The girl told the court that when she voiced suspicions on whether Awais was really the Uber driver she ordered, he locked the doors of his car and accelerated. 

Awais stole the girl’s possessions – including cash, her phone, and a laptop before driving away. Sadly, a detective leading the investigation into the crime detailed that the legitimate Uber driver booked by the girl had canceled the order without her realizing, allowing Awais to prey on and stalk the young girl into his control. 

Although Awais was handed a nine-year prison sentence, he’ll likely spend less than five years behind bars as Britain usually releases criminals automatically once half of their sentence has been served.

Awais pleaded guilty to rape, assault by penetration, kidnap, robbery, and driving without insurance.

Authorities in London are also seeking two adults after a young man was sexually assaulted in public.

The Metropolitan Police have released CCTV stills of two men they would “like to speak to as part of an investigation into a sexual assault” and are appealing to any witnesses to help in identifying them, according to a released statement.

Authorities waited for months to release images of the men, with the attack having transpired in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 24, 2018. Detective Constable Robin East said of the crime:

This was a sexual assault on a man in a public street and we appeal for anyone who thinks they can help us with the investigation to come forward. Although this happened in the early hours, there would still have been a number of people around the area who may have seen the victim or suspects before or after the assault.

The suspects are described as being of “Eastern European origin” and “white”, with one of the men thought to be in his mid-30’s, 5’5″ tall and the other in his early 30’s, 5’8″ tall, “of skinny build, clean shaven and light brown hair”.

Plainly, the complete lack of inaction from authorities in London regarding the rape of a young man in public is totally abhorrent. The rapists have been free since and allowed to carry on committing crime and putting the public directly in danger of their inexcusable acts. 

To wait months and then release grainy images from CCTV is a slap in the face to the victim, who now lives in fear that his attackers will find him again.

Although the police are now “appealing” to the public for their help, one must ask themselves how else can the delay in the suspect’s pictures being released be anything other than the willful protection and defense of their heinous actions?