Sessions Is Either Asleep At The Wheel – Or He’s Playing Everyone

Over the past year, President Trump has directly blasted his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, on Twitter. The reoccurring theme regarding Trump’s criticisms is the lackadaisical nature of Sessions, who seems more content on focusing on the war on drugs over prosecuting the storied and historic corruption that took place under the Obama administration.

Dating all the way back to July of 2017, Trump has made his unhappiness known – saying that Sessions “has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes…”

Indeed, when the true scope of Clinton’s crimes are taken into account, the true penchant is the utter silence from the AG regarding the precedent set by Clinton and her cronies. Setting up an unsecure home server, deleting 33,000 e-mails, and having aides smash their previously-used devices with hammers are all historic abuses of power (instances that have harped on time and time again, no doubt) that have – insofar – gone unanswered.

In early 2018, Trump bashed Sessions for redirecting the investigation of Obama-era FISA abuse to the Inspector General (whose report is still missing in action but supposedly imminent). President Trump ends the tweet, “Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!”; showcasing a seemingly growing frustration with Sessions and his lack of action.

In April, President Trump took another shot at Sessions. Citing Fox News, Trump referenced GOP lawmakers who were asking Sessions to investigate Comey and Hillary Clinton…

Trump’s response? “Good luck with that request!”

Then, in May, Trump quoted former U.S. attorney, Joe diGenova who called the recusal of Jeff Sessions “an unforced betrayal of the President of the United States”.

Was Sessions’ recusal pre-planned and orchestrated by Trump to appear impartial regarding the findings of the Russia investigation – which he knew would result in a big nothingburger on the Democrat’s end?

Are Trump’s chides and barbs toward Sessions on Twitter so the Mainstream Media can’t accuse Trump of going after political opponents? If the hammer were to ever drop and justice came, it would be very easy and opportune for Trump to point out the numerous times he blasted his Attorney General and therefore distance himself from the debacle.

Most recently, President Trump even went so far as to blame the continuation of the Russia investigation on Sessions for his recusal. Interestingly, Trump also says that if he knew Sessions was going to recuse himself – he would have picked someone else.

If these are his true thoughts, why doesn’t he simply fire Sessions and replace him with a better pick? It’s no secret that the the turnover rate at Trump’s White House is exceedingly high. Let’s look back at many of the administration officials fired by President Trump:

  • James Comey
  • Sally Yates
  • Preet Bharara
  • Anthony Scaramucci
  • Steve Bannon
  • Rex Tillerson
  • H.R. McMaster
  • David Shulkin

Trump’s famous catchphrase is “You’re Fired!“, after all. If he were as unhappy with Sessions as it may seem, why wouldn’t he quickly remove him and put someone he was happy with in one of the most important positions of his administration?

It’s understandable that the actual process of laws, justice, and America’s court systems can move at a monolithic pace and doesn’t beckon to the call of any one person or my personal yearnings. However, as more time passes, the more it seems that the corruption and criminality performed by the Democrats will simply fade away and their misdeeds will go entirely unpunished – like usual.

Most likely, there is no in-between: either Trump and Sessions are pulling off the greatest and most clandestine political maneuver of our time, or Sessions is as lackadaisical as he seems. Truly, only time will tell.