Shaw, Steinle; Now, Tibbetts – The Growing Crisis Of Natural-Born Citizens Slaughtered By Illegal Aliens

Jamiel Shaw, Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbetts – needlessly murdered by illegal aliens and their lives cut short.

This week, the mystery behind Mollie Tibbetts – who had been missing for over a month – came to a tragic conclusion.

Tibbetts was last seen on July 18th, jogging near her home in Brooklyn, Iowa.

The case was cracked wide open after a neighbor who lived in the same area as Mollie offered security camera footage to investigators. After identifying Cristhian Rivera’s car, they were able to deduce Rivera was one of the last people to see Mollie alive.

Once apprehended, Rivera confessed to the murder and cooperated with police – leading them to Tibbetts’ dead body.

Rivera told investigators that he ran alongside Mollie until she threatened to call the police and tried to run away. Rivera said he chased her and blacked out, detailing that when he came to he realized he had killed her.

Rivera stashed her in the trunk of his car and then dragged Tibbetts to a cornfield where he covered her body with corn stalks and left.

Sadly, Mollie Tibbetts is added to a long list of names slaughtered needlessly by illegal immigrants. Even worse, if our current immigration laws were staunchly enforced, Tibbetts – among others – would still be alive.

For instance, Cristhian Rivera used a stolen identity, able to work in the U.S. despite being in the country illegally.

In typical fashion, the radical left has attempted to write off and politicize Mollie Tibbetts’ death. On Tuesday, a guest appearing on MSNBC’s The Beat referred to Tibbetts as “some girl in Iowa Fox News is talking about”.

Elizabeth Warren even used Tibbetts’ death to shamelessly virtue-signal on the complete non-scandal of immigrant families being separated at the border:

I’m so sorry for the family and I know this is hard… for the people in her community… But one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are. Last month I went down to the border and I saw where children had been taken away from their mothers. I met with their mothers who had been lied to, who didn’t know where their children were and hadn’t had a chance to talk with their children. There was no plan for how they would be reunified with their children. I think we need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat and I don’t think mamas and babies are the place we should be spending our resources. Separating a mama from a baby does not make this country safer.

Ignoring completely that Tibbetts was permanently separated from her family, Warren drew the ire and outrage of critics for her total lack of sensitivity.

Remember Warren’s – and the left’s platform – heading into the November mid-terms, defending illegal aliens in the country and ignoring the needless murder of innocent citizens.

Mollie Tibbetts is added to the growing list of citizens killed by illegal immigration. In 2015, Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal that had previously entered the country unlawfully five times and had a criminal record with seven prior felonies – plainly, someone who should not have been in the country in the first place.

Last year, 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw was shot and killed by an illegal alien, a member of the 18th Street Gang. The illegal had previously been arrested in 2007 on gun charges and assault on a police officer but was released early from jail a year later.

Again, no politicization – but enough is enough.

Ostensibly, we have immigration laws for a reason. With liberal sanctuary cities being so prevalent across the U.S., the safety and security of citizens is thrown into question; Shaw and Steinle a testament to this notion – coming from California, a so-called “sanctuary state”.

Mollie Tibbetts emphasizes that politicians on both sides of the aisle must come together and protect the sovereignty and freedom of America by enforcing our current systems and building an impenetrable wall on our southern border, lest more innocent citizens have their lives tragically cut short and extinguished by illegal aliens with illustrious rap sheets and numerous deportations. 


Update:  It was initially reported by Breitbart and in this article that Rivera passed an e-verify check and was able to work legally in the U.S., when it turns out he had used a stolen identity to obtain legal employment.  The article has been amended to reflect this.