Skittles, Racists, And Gun Free Zones

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In the 1940s, Nazi newspaper founder Julius Streicher wrote a book about the “poisoned mushroom” to indocrinate children in hate, referring to Jews “springing up in every country”.

“Just as poisonous mushrooms often lead to the most dreadful calamity, so the Jew is the cause of misery and distress, illness and death,” he describes a mother telling her child.

Source:  How Donald Trump Jr’s ‘Skittles’ comment has a history as a racist dogwhistle that goes back to the Nazis  |  The Independent

The Independent wasn’t alone; several other liberal news outlets got in on the act and labeled Trump Jr’s tweet as racist, and they all likened it to Nazi propaganda used against Jews in Hitler’s Germany during WWII.  It should be obvious that merely using the Skittles reference to refer to migrants, not citizens, is hardly “racist”, however, I digress from the analogy itself.

I’ve actually been using the Skittles analogy for years, in a much more different context.  And if you were to categorize my analogy as racist, the gun control crowd would be the racists, targeting concealed carry permit holders.

My analogy is as follows:  Say I were to give you two bowls of 100 Skittles, and said you had to eat 20 from one of them.  In the first is 100 normal Skittles, and in the second is 100 Skittles, with 5 of them being laced with a poison that could potentially kill you.  Which bowl of Skittles would you eat from, the first or the second?

While it would take some ridiculous SJW explanation to make the second a legitimate option, the analogy itself is meant to show the idiocy that is gun free zones and areas that are off limits to concealed carry holders.  As legal gun owners all obey the rules and regulations behind carry, knowing they risk arrest if they don’t… any area, be it a movie theater, restaurant, or grocery store with a “no guns allowed” sign will prompt all CCW holders to leave their firearms at home or in the car.  Which means that any lunatic with a firearm knows that unless law enforcement or armed security is present, he/she has a zero chance of facing any armed opposition.

So if you were a mass shooter, which area would you target:  1) one with a “no guns allowed” sign (AKA a “gun-free zone”), or 2) one without such a sign?  The answer should once again be obvious:



Once again, the gun control crowd will come with a litany of excuses to defend gun free zones.  Yet, millions of people across the country carry concealed every day, and there are hundreds of thousands of defensive gun uses (DGUs) annually, a large number of which involve the permit holder not discharging their firearm at all.  And mass shooters flock to gun free zones, for the same reason you wouldn’t voluntarily eat Skittles that can kill you.

So if you’re pro gun control, and calling Trump racist over this analogy, well, that’s just the pot calling the kettle black.  Picking on CCW holders and legal gun owners and making them the enemy is just as divisive as anything that is said in this country today.  And, making your everyday locales off-limits to them is only making them more dangerous.  Trump is simply making an analogy, and whether you agree with his course of action on immigration or not, comparing him to a German Nazi is more troublesome than the discussion Trump is trying to have.

I don’t have the answer to the immigration issue.  Trump is simply using an analogy to promote his campaign.  There are plenty of things to target in regards to Trump as a candidate, but calling him a Nazi over a Skittles analogy just ends up making the “offended” party look even weaker.  Take him to task for his plan, not a stupid candy analogy.

Besides… these days, when I think of Skittles, the first thing, or person, that usually comes to mind… is Marshawn Lynch.