Soviet-Style Living Finds Joe Biden’s America

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Oft a well-versed talking point of the mid-2000’s conservative and right-leaning movement, it was often debated when the tactics and strategies of Soviet politics would appear in America (or if they were already here). Taking a page from the USSR playbook, New York officials have begun a contest to see who can seemingly “out crazy” the other.

As 2022 rang in, newly elected Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg announced in his first memo to staff that his office “will not seek a carceral sentence” with crimes except for homicides, domestic violence felonies, some sex crimes, and public corruption. In other words, anything less severe than a violent felony will not be pursued for charges in Manhattan.

Juxtaposed alongside this, a proposed New York State law would see any potential rent increases from landlords regulated via legislation. Once a tenant is signed to a year lease, they would then be eligible for “lease renewal” as well. Some circumstances would let a landlord evict a tenant but major violations of the lease or failure to pay rent except if there were a steep rent increase would need to be involved in such cases.

On the surface, this may seem like a step in the right direction for consumers. However, the proposed law looks designed to force out local landlords, making them sell properties as the risk outweighs potential profit. Residential properties would then be up for sale, and investment firms like Blackrock – that is, Wall Street – will snatch them up.

“Private” property – or maybe that is better said “local” property – will continue to be liquidized as it has been on track as doing for decades. Conglomerates, corporations, and businesses will continue to scoop up and hoard any available land or properties, be it commercial or residential. Pandemonium not only threatened in the streets with Bragg’s refusal to charge “less serious” crime in Manhattan but also at a local, economic level poised to ravish communities and families as New York State considers this legislation. 

Many predicted when the Democrats came back into power, they would assure that they would never lose control again. Who knew how disastrous Biden’s lack of policies and action would turn out to be for average Americans (besides those with a brain)?