Stunning Allegations Revealing Epstein’s Deviancy Trickles Out From Mainstream Sources

Earlier this month, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and charged with sexual trafficking of minors. To note, Epstein was first convicted of similar charges in 2008 and was met with a lenient sentence by now-former Trump administration Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta – who has henceforth resigned.

With the story having entered the spotlight weeks ago, new and troubling allegations have been divulged since the arrest of Epstein.

For instance, former Epstein IT contractor, Steve Scully, ended his business relationship with Jeffrey after viewing collections of disturbing pictures.

According to Good Morning America: “There were photos of topless women everywhere… On his desk, in his office, in his bedroom,” Scully claimed. Along with this, the FBI found a “substantial collection photographic trophies of his victims (found on page 12) and other young females” at Epstein’s residence in Manhattan.

The New York Post has alleged that, according to a former police officer investigating the pedophile for more than a decade, Jeffrey Epstein lost all sexual interest in his victims as soon as they “lost their braces and… pubescent look”.

In an interview with CNN, ex-detective Michael Fisten claimed:

Once these girls… started becoming 16-years old or 17-years old, they were too old for him, so then he started using them as recruiters to bring the younger girls… I started going out and interviewing witnesses that became victims… One after another, three girls turned into four girls, turned into five, six, seven and so on…I couldn’t help but think that this could’ve been my daughter or your daughter or my next-door neighbor’s daughter.

Fisten also said that he found it impossible that people who traveled in Epstein’s social circles weren’t aware of his misconduct with so many underage girls in his company. According to Fisten, Epstein hired private investigators, former Miami cops, and paid them a massive retainer for them to follow victimized girls around and intimidate them.

Fisten received calls from some of Epstein’s victims who were fearful they were being followed. At one point. Fisten drove one of Epstein’s accusers to her home and observed a private investigator parked across the street in a car holding a video camera pointed at them. According to court documents, the father of another accuser was run off the road, allegedly by one of Epstein’s hires.

In an exposé by journalist Eric Margolis, he details visiting Epstein’s Manhattan mansion after receiving an invitation for lunch. Soon after walking into the entrance of Epstein’s E 71st Street residence, a butler approached Margolis and asked him if he “would… like an intimate massage… by a pretty young girl?” – however, Margolis quickly declined.

As Margolis points out, the offer of the massage was likely a “honey pot” – a tactic to ensnare and blackmail people.

It makes one wonder just what has transpired in Epstein’s mansion – and who potentially visited – since 1989, all seemingly recorded and archived on video. Could Epstein hold the largest cache of blackmail on both Hollywood celebrities and American politicians?

Epstein with a young girl.
Notice the placement of Epstein’s hand as a young girl gives him a hug.

Truly, there is more than meets the eye to American culture – with Hollywood’s leading actors and producers preying on underage girls for countless years.

That’s not even mentioning the saga of NXIVM, a depraved sex cult that operated in the shadows of society for decades. NXIVM further casts a dark shadow over the integrity of the nation’s ruling class with the fact prominent members of the cult donated to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Now, we have Epstein thrust back into the spotlight after nearly ten years – and the perverted, debased allegations trickling out should cause everyone to pause and recognize the potential of a seedy underbelly run by political elites and celebrities operating within the fringes of our society.