Teenagers And Children Behind Nearly Half Of All Knife Crime In Sadiq Khan’s London

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Half of all London knife crime is performed by people aged 19 and under and three quarters of offenders are from minority groups, latest figures show.

8% of knife crime offenders are even younger, ranging in age from 10 to 14.

According to chief superintendent Ade Adelekan, head of Met’s Violent Crime Task Force:

Violence is top of the agenda for the Met and knife crime injury victims under 25 are 15 per cent down… Part of our success around this has been down to increasing our use of stop and search.

Adelekan also specified that many U.K. officers had to “re-educate” themselves on the correct technique to perform a stop and search after Theresa May as home secretary called for drastic cuts on stop and searches when she claimed they were “unfair, especially to young black men”.

Adelekan said that 73% of offenders and 53% of victims are from a black or ethnic minority background, according to reports.

Last year, knife crime in London hit an all-time high, rising 15% to amass a total number of 14,987 offenses. That figure represents 38% of all knife-related crime across both England and Wales.

However, London mayor Sadiq Khan believes that instead of stop and search and other policing tactics, that the only solution to the violence is further investment in social work and youth activity centers.

Khan has rejected pleas for a return to reinforcing laws, weakly choosing instead to launch a “public health approach” to violent crime. He insists insufficient funding from the government is the reason crime continues to soar, placing no blame upon his own policies.

As authorities are unable to properly do their jobs and current politicians remain indifferent to the dangers facing average people, citizens know their societies and sovereignty lie in the balance – and that change must come via voting to put officials into office that understand the dire circumstances unfurling across Europe.

Is there any question as to why a wave of populism and nationalism is igniting across the U.K. and Europe?

Through Khan’s utter refusal to look at the reality before him, the prognosis for the United Kingdom doesn’t look good.

Until politically-correct politicians can admit and recognize they created the crisis they are experiencing first-hand, crime and homicide rates – and likely even terrorist acts – will continue to trend upward in the U.K.