The Texas Shooting Confirms Exactly What The NRA Has Been Advocating All Along

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NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre

The massacre at Sutherland Springs, Texas occurred around 11:20AM CST, and before the day was out (and the facts surrounding the incident were in), liberals had once again renewed their calls for gun control.  Leading the charge was former President Obama, who waited less than eight hours before restarting the failed gun control push which earned him the title “Gun Salesman of the Year“:

He was hardly alone; joining in his chorus were New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, NBA basketball coach Steve Kerr, and a slew of Congressional Democrats, none of whom bothered to wait until more facts on the incident were available.

As it turns out, there is one thing that could have prevented this incident, and it’s something the NRA (in particular, CEO Wayne LaPierre) has been repeating for years:

They should enforce existing gun laws against the people who commit crimes, and they don’t do it.”

Even after news leaked that the shooter had received a dishonorable and/or bad conduct discharge from the US Air Force (which would function the same as a felony conviction and preclude him from owning a gun)…

…liberals still tried to claim the shooter could legally own a firearm…

…and the next day, the Air Force silenced everyone – the shooter committed a domestic assault against his wife and infant stepson (cracking his stepson’s skull), which precluded him from legally owning a gun.  So if he wasn’t able to pass a background check, how did he get the weapon he used in the attack?

You guessed it – the government didn’t properly enforce the existing laws, just as LaPierre has stated time and again.

And if you think this is the first time a church shooting has occurred because of government failure to enforce existing laws, think again:

FBI Director James Comey said the man accused of killing nine people in a Charleston, S.C., church should never have been allowed to purchase a weapon.

Comey said flaws in paperwork and communication between a federal background check worker and state law enforcement allowed Dylann Roof to buy a handgun in South Carolina on April 16 — weeks before he allegedly attacked black churchgoers in a failed attempt to fuel a race war.

“We are all sick that this has happened,” Comey told reporters Friday. “We wish we could turn back the clock. … What we can do is make sure we learn from it, get better.”

The same James Comey who wrote a memo exonerating Hillary Clinton months before even interviewing her, is the man who was ultimately responsible for allowing Dylann Roof to purchase a firearm.  Maybe the gun control crowd should try listening to the NRA for a change, and focus on enforcing existing laws?

It’s not like there wasn’t ample warning on the Texas shooter; police have been on this guy for years:

The gunman who killed 26 churchgoers in Texas escaped a mental health clinic in 2012, according to a police report.

El Paso officers who detained Devin Kelley five years ago were told he was “a danger to himself and others”.

Kelley had been sent to the hospital after he was court-martialled for assaulting his ex-wife and stepson during a stint in the US Air Force.

He was “attempting to carry out death threats” against “his military chain of command”, the report states.

Officials say the assault charge should have legally barred him from owning guns.

Just another example of government incompetence and inability to enforce existing gun laws.  Even so, liberals expect gun owners to accept more infringements upon their rights.  Stunning, but hardly surprising.

Which brings us to another of Wayne LaPierre’s oft-repeated quotes…

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

…and one that rings even truer, in the wake of newly-released details of the man who stopped the shooter:

Texas Department of Public Safety chief Freeman Martin said Willeford “grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect” after Kelley left the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, where he opened fire with an assault rifle and killed 26 people.

An area resident told the paper that Willeford, an avid biker who attends another church, learned about the shooting when his daughter called to say a man clad in body armor was shooting worshipers.

The local said that although Willeford has no military background, he didn’t hesitate when he came face to face with the suspect — and managed to squeeze off a round that struck the gunman, who had dropped his Ruger AR-15 variant.

It took an NRA “good guy” to stop this rampage… which is another talking point LaPierre has repeated time and again.

Sadly enough, the NRA the exact group that is so often vilified by liberals clamoring for more gun control – a group that promotes safe handling and use of firearms, which is something that is more than borne out in the statistics:

NRA members are also significantly more likely than other gun owners to say they have a gun that is loaded and easily accessible to them at all times (53% vs. 34%). They are also more likely to say they have taken a gun safety course at some point – 84% of NRA members have done this, compared with 67% of gun owners who don’t belong to the NRA.

In fact, of the mass shootings that make national headlines, exactly zero have been confirmed to have been committed by NRA members. Recently, David Kenneth Smith was charged with felony criminal threatening after his Youtube channel was exposed. The channel (which is still currently accessible) includes videos defending serial killers and encouraging mass murder.  What else is in his Youtube video history?  A number of anti-Trump tirades where Smith raged about the actions of President Trump.  Though it can’t be confirmed, it’s likely a pretty safe bet that Smith is not an NRA member.

This is hardly surprising; if you search the history of said mass shooters, you would likely turn up a disgruntled Democrat voter, who may or may not have been motivated by mainstream media lies to commit a crime against those who do not share their political beliefs:

Imagine the reaction, if the shoe was on the other foot?  

The liberal response to these atrocities has become as predictable as their poor timing. In a particularly obtuse example (recently cited by Free Market Shooter), Hillary Clinton demonstrated her ignorance on gun control measures in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre…

…without even realizing the ignorance she displayed in her rush to judgment:

It is anything but surprising that Hillary Clinton has absolutely no idea how a “suppressor” (not a silencer) actually functions, as the supersonic rifle rounds used by Paddock would have been anything but “silent” in volume.

Sadly, many Democrats like Hillary Clinton are too willing to brand the NRA as a “terrorist organization”, blissfully content to dehumanize millions of Americans in their continued push for more gun control.

Lost in the left’s blame game is the fact that many of these atrocities can be prevented, if only leftists worked with the NRA to enforce existing gun laws, as opposed to castigating the group’s desire to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.