The Internet Thinks It Uncovered Ghislaine Maxwell’s Reddit Account – And Predictably Imploded

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In a bizarre “blink and you may have missed it” moment earlier this week, Ghislaine Maxwell – long-time Epstein associate and accused ringleader of his sex trafficking operations – was thrust back into the Internet’s attention after her arrest by the FBI early last week. The sex-trafficking Maxwell is accused of saw girls as young as 14 into Epstein’s mansion.

Prosecutors also alleged that between ’94 and ’97, Ghislaine “assisted, facilitated and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of minor girls by, among other things, helping Epstein to recruit, groom and ultimately abuse victims known to Maxwell and Epstein to be under the age of 18“.

In yet another “blink and you may have missed it” moment, the internet uncovered a very popular Reddit account that may have been run by Maxwell herself. In a Twitter post on July 8, Joe Leonard posted about a Reddit account with the moniker, MaxwellHill.

As detailed, the profile was the first account to hit 1 million karma (points accrued by posting on Reddit) – and still held the #8 spot for the most karma even today. As Leonard points out, the MaxwellHill profile holds 30% of the posts to a default Reddit forum, /r/worldnews. Being a default forum on Reddit means that you are automatically featured on the main page of the site. The potential implications if this profile does belong to Ghislaine Maxwell are already staggering just in this regard alone.

MaxwellHill was an active Reddit user, submitting highly upvoted posts every day to /r/worldnews. The account posted mostly uninterrupted for 14 years – that is, until Ghislaine Maxwell’s recent arrest.

Is that alone enough to warrant a smoking gun? Certainly not. To say the least, though, the timing is suspect. Along with posting almost daily, MaxwellHill was also a moderator of many more large forums on Reddit – including /r/worldnews. Again, the profile also constituted of 30% of posts to /r/worldnews, a default forum with 24 million subscribers. Reddit holds the spot for #6 on the Alexa Rankings within the United States. The MaxwellHill profile, which had the rank of moderator over several default forums on Reddit, wields immense and sizeable power on the website. As #6 Alexa Ranked site in the U.S., one could see why this is worrying.

The username, MaxwellHill, even has signs to Maxwell’s name – Maxwell Hill to Maxwell Ghil. The connections don’t end there, however – the profile advocated for the legalization of child porn 7 years ago. With Ghislaine’s recent arrest, this would likely be a belief held by Maxwell with what she stands accused of.

A Google search of “Maxwell 6123” included some strange results – but has henceforth been scrubbed.

Again, odd codewords referencing pizza crop up despite having no connections to the Podesta brothers. Along with both the owner of Maxwell Hill and Ghislaine Maxwell having December birthdays, the account also didn’t post around certain public events in Ghislaine Maxwell’s life. All of these lurid connections are really put into focus when you consider former CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao, outright confirming the existence of child sex rings.


Couldn’t help but to highlight the “feel-good” decor found in Ghislaine Maxwell’s own home.

All of this stacked together certainly looks damning – and until the rumor is addressed (by Reddit or MaxwellHill themselves), speculation will continue to abound. The theory is totally unfounded and the evidence supporting it is shaky; as the old saying goes, though – where there’s smoke, there’s fire.