Thousands Participate In “Mourning March” In Chemnitz, Germany For Victims Killed By Migrants

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The “Mourning March” held in Chemnitz, Germany.

After the fatal stabbing of Daniel Hillig last week, up to 60,000 people staged a “mourning march” in Germany decrying the countless number of lives lost by unmitigated migration.

Following Hillig’s death, 23-year-old Alaa S. from Syria and 22-year-old Yousif A. from Iraq were arrested.

Furor and outrage sparked after it was revealed the Iraqi suspected of Hillig’s murder held a lengthy list of convictions including fraud, serious bodily injury, and drug dealings. His convictions earned him a two-year suspended sentence and he was slated to be deported from the country, which failed to happen.

The anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party staged the “mourning march” in response to Hillig’s slaughter. Along with Hillig, many others who have been slain were memorialized. Participants in the march carried signs bearing the names and faces of people believed to have been murdered by refugees.

A large number of police officers were deployed to the march to keep the protesters and counter-protesters apart from each other and avoid conflict. Of the clash of extreme right and alt-left anti-fascists protesters, Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig said:

The situation is volatile. There is also a state of emergency in the town but I’m convinced that it’ll mobilize forces as we see today that very clearly show that we won’t allow for the right and right-wing thinking to mobilize the state.

Ludwig seems focused only on the right-leaning protesters whilst ignoring the real issues at hand – typical for a lackadaisical European politician.

Chemnitz residents were interviewed as well, and they stressed they were not racist – merely frightened by the increasing danger and criminality rapidly spreading throughout their communities and country. Many expressed resentment that the “lying press”, Germany’s mainstream media, labeled the entirety of them as Nazis and refused to see or address their side of the debate.

Authorities across Europe and the United Kingdom have admitted the epidemic of crime and violence will only worsen – and that the burden will fall on the shoulders of ordinary citizens. Already, crime rates have skyrocketed and 90% of crime goes uncharged so the question remains: how much worse can it get?

In response to the senseless slaughter of their nation’s own citizens, thousands of people fed up with the unaddressed violence marched in mourning for the lives lost. The press, in return, lumped them all together as extremists and Nazis, refusing to admit there is a problem and actual danger to the citizens of Germany.

The media’s unfair coverage will surely help to alleviate the concerns and worries of Germans who see a disconcerting trend taking place, and certainly not incense them and their impassioned pleas of help into desperate and grave territories after being consistently ignored and belittled by their news publishing industry and politicians. With tensions as high as they are across Germany, one would think that those in power might work to bring down the heat, not add to it.