Three Practical Tips For Conservatives In A Midterm Year

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America is in a full blown culture war. Conservatives should pause and reevaluate before the upcoming Midterms. What cultural and communication strategies are working? What can conservatives do to persuade and triumph come November?

Here are three practical tips for strengthening the conservative position in 2018.

Drop the victimhood status. Full stop.

America has a far-left, “ungovernable” populous, eager to enact terror on political dissidents. These are the hate crime hoaxers and mob bullies.  Conservatives, if attacked, earn no sympathy or remorse. The cottage industry that creates national outrage hates Trump. So the mainstream media will not permit blossoming sympathy for Trump’s supporters, however brutalized or humiliated.

For Democrats, this partisan imbalance is a feature not a bug. Flaunting their unequal application of the law is their goal. Through endless media hysterics, Democrats know they can foster domestic terrorists. These brainwashed folks become hellbent on building a far left utopia, and will shoot up a field of congressmen to achieve it.

An anarchist then a marxist were behind the two 20th Century presidential assassinations. The same might some day apply to this century.

Conservatives must realize complaining about abuse is a non-starter. They won’t make headway through victim status. If you do receive a ton of abuse, it’s best to find a humorous way to diminish your tormenters. Or buy a gun to defend yourself.

Consider how Paul Joseph Watson republishes his Facebook death threats with comedic levity. Then consider Laura Loomer’s much-parodied tire incident. She wrung her fists with so much righteous indignation and fury. Do the math. The comedian gets clicks, the complainer gets unfollows.

Victimhood isn’t cool. Too often, conservatives who suffer abuse attempt to rally sympathy and discover none. That’s intentional and part of the culture war. Accept it. Democrats are merciless with their hypocrisy.

Be funny. I’m not joking.

Believe it or not, Liberals read the Bible. Except they call it “Rules for Radicals,” a book dedicated to Lucifer by its author Saul Alinsky. His fifth rule asserts that “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”

(Quote) It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

This is the biggest mistake conservatives make. Conservatives attract ridicule when trying to make everything so serious and earnest. The funniest conservatives are Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos. They are notorious and reviled among the left. The left wants every conservative in pop culture to be dry, bald, white, and seriously boring. Let’s not give our enemy what they want.

President Trump is a riot. He delivers humor with ease. That’s a huge chunk of his appeal. Roseanne is funny. Greg Guttfield is funny. Is Brian Kilmeade funny? Is Sean Hannity funny?

They are sometimes funny. Yet none can hold a feather to the scathing political satire the left delivers to the nation nightly. For the right to advance, it needs comedians who understand delivery. They should be self-aware with cultural critique in abundance. Right wing satire can push the Overton window to new territory. It should be on TV, hosted somewhere besides Fox News.

If we don’t do this, we’ll be at the whims of the cultural police and their dictates for what “tasteful” jokes we can make. And they’ll keep a good chunk of the population held hostage to their propagandistic humor.

Amy Schumer LARPing as a brain, and Madonna after making bomb threats

Drop the QAnon thing.

This part is less for the Washington folks, and more for the country-at-large. Washington’s crowd has plenty of gossip to mire within. Their proximity with DC is a natural buffer against the more salacious online theories. Though across the country many activists have become gripped by QAnon’s posts. These people could be mobilizing for the midterms, but instead spread this cryptic conspiracy.

For those who don’t know, QAnon is an anonymous 4Channer who claims to have “Q” security clearance. He (or she) asserts to have special access from within the Trump administration. Q’s posts detail the Trump administration’s efforts to “drain the swamp.” There’s also promise of a “great awakening” and many clichés about a time of good and evil coming to clash.

Nobody knows who QAnon is. Whoever is behind the crypto-religious anonymous posts is doing more damage than good. It could even be purposeful and nefarious. This fanatic movement distracts from real news, and creates complacency among Trump’s most valuable support system: the internet.

I can’t decide if it’s fact or fiction. But I do see the mob-like evangelism of QAnon’s cryptic musings as a roadblock to progress. So many people posting the same stuff online seems cultish.

Conservatives should unhitch from QAnon. Sorry Roseanne. Check Q’s posts as often as you’d like, but don’t buy stock in it. QAnon is leading nice people to a place that seems way too bizarre for the average person to process. Come midterms, we may find ourselves wearing tinfoil hats rather than MAGA caps, more unable than ever to speak with the other side.

So QAnon may be the real deal. It might be a new form of performance art. Or it’s a scam. To me, QAnon is a clever trap that isolates active internet users. It herds them into an impenetrable clump of conspiracy. QAnon won’t help with midterms. Instead, Q wastes a ton of time and energy that well-intended people could spend elsewhere.

To wrap it all up.

Underpinning Trump’s campaign were splashes of confidence, machismo, humor, and defiance. Trump’s supporters had, and still have, serious issues to discuss. If we fall into a the pattern of a centralized, humorless, complaint-ridden mob, we will lose. If we become a strange mob of conspiracy touting techno-nerds, we lose.

We should focus again on the funny, kind, sober, and uplifting outlook that swept the nation to earn Trump his job. Let’s continue making America great again without all the vitriol.