Is Trump Making Himself An Easy Target On Purpose To Deflect From The Healthcare Debate?

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You may not know it but there’s another Republican-led healthcare bill currently in the process of being negotiated and passed. Yes, after the first Obamacare-replacement bill didn’t garner enough Senate support in May and was pulled, President Trump is once again mediating and deal-making – but this time, seemingly behind the scenes

Healthcare debate is certainly not the focus of the Fake News media.

It seems – like clockwork – the mainstream media spins themselves in faux outrage over whatever Trump decides to tweet out that morning. For instance, on June 27, President Trump took a jab at CNN. After being forced to retract one of their biggest stories on Trump’s “Russian collusion” and having 3 employees resign due to untrue reporting the day before, CNN did deserve a verbal lashing…

…but after calling them out, all the mainstream media was able to talk about was the severity of Trump’s tweet and how it was an attack against American freedom of speech and expression. Healthcare – allowed to skate under the radar – is a thought nary to many so long as the Fake News media gets their anti-Trump angle.

Over the next few days, Trump’s Twitter assault against the Fake News media continued…

Trump didn’t relent, further driving coverage of his tweets by attacking a handful of mainstream media outlets guilty of Fake News and bias.

Having been called out, the Fake News media couldn’t do well enough to leave it alone – pumping out articles over this “unprecedented” and “uncalled for” attack. Even after igniting a furor within the Fake News mainstream media, President Trump pushed it even further.

After airing more of their contrived and exaggerated grievances with Trump on their morning show, Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski became the topic of Trump’s famous ire…

The collective outrage and anger from these two tweets alone was off the charts, perhaps playing into Trump’s hand. Days after this tweet exchange, the President celebrated the House passage of Kate’s Law and No Sanctuary for Criminals Act; lauding his success on Twitter (and with good reason). Yesterday, Trump further hit on CNN and the new name he gave them: Fraud News Network.

And again, the mainstream media spun itself into a furor; calling the completely harmless edited video the President tweeted out “crude and unpresidential“. They accused Trump of “promoting violence against CNN“; nevermind that a loony, brainwashed leftist shot a Republican Congressman – Trump is at fault for a harmless tweet.

It seems that the Fake News media is unaware they could be potentially playing right into Trump’s aim to get more media coverage to deflect from the healthcare debate. In their quest for ratings and notoriety, they’re oblivious to the fact they’re potentially getting played by their mortal enemy. Either way, President Trump would do good to orient himself and get back on track. However, to his credit, Trump did drive and press for May’s failed healthcare bill.

Trump is famous for his bully pulpit – so to see him not utilize it for as something as big as healthcare seems a little odd.

Mobilize your voters to protest outside the Capital to demand a passable healthcare bill. Sic your voting base on the men and woman of Congress to tell them to support the healthcare bill. There’s much action to organize for. Don’t get me wrong – it’s wonderful to watch President Trump dismantle and make a mockery of the Fake News media on Twitter, but it would also be wonderful to clear the first real hurdle of the Presidency and lay healthcare to rest.