Twitter CEO Shares and Praises Article Calling For Second Civil War – Tech Giants Flounder In Scandals

Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey raised eyebrows after he tweeted out an article by Peter Leyden titled The Great Lesson Of California in America’s New Civil War.

The article, which Dorsey lauds as a “great read”, calls for the Republican party to be wiped out in America for generations to come so conservatives can be replaced by a one-party state controlled by Democrats. In Leyden’s words: 

At some point, one side or the other must win — and win big. The side resisting change, usually the one most rooted in the past systems and incumbent interests, must be thoroughly defeated —not just for a political cycle or two, but for a generation or two…The Republican Party over the past 40 years has maneuvered itself into a position where they are the bad guys on the wrong side of history… 

Ironically, Leyden also calls for America as a whole to imitate California, claiming that the U.S. is already in the midst of a sort of major domestic conflict.  Unsurprisingly, it can be considered doubtful that the rest of the U.S. has any desire to mimic California’s massive wealth inequality, poverty, and soaring cost of home ownership.

Leyden also fails to mention the exodus of residents from the state, with tens of thousands fleeing annually for the past few years.

Instead of calling for bipartisanship – which Leyden claims “simply can’t get done” – his solution is to slaughter anyone who leans to the right for holding opinions different than his and have them disappear for generations to enable the “tolerant” left to totally grip the reins of power in the country.

Even more worryingly, the CEO of a social media company known for banning and censoring conservatives praised Leyden’s piece as a “great read”. However, Dorsey attempted to walk back the praise when called out on it by Peter Hasson of The Daily Caller.

Plainly, though, an accolade for an article being a “great read” means you see the merit in it and agree with some of its sentiment.

Dorsey somehow labels Leyden’s reactionary, divisive piece as a “great read” yet still claims Twitter is committed to the “civility of public conversation”.  So the question becomes – which does Dorsey prefer?  Making a quick end to all conservatives and Republicans for generations to come, or “public civility”? It simply cannot be both.

Twitter is not alone with being mired in scandal, as it’s now being reported that YouTube illegally collects data on children.

A group of 23 child advocacy, consumer, and privacy groups filed an official complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, allegedly claiming that Google is violating child protection laws by storing and collecting personal data and advertising information of those who use YouTube aged under 13.

The claim is especially shocking because the group says that although Google claims YouTube is only for users aged 13 and above, it knows that children under 13 use the site. The group also alleges that Google collects the personal info of children – things like location, device identifiers, and phone numbers – and tracks them across different services and websites. If the allegations are true, this directly violates the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (Coppa), that says parental consent is required to track analytics on anyone under 13 online.

Of course, the scandals hitting Twitter and YouTube come on the heels of Facebook’s massive and growing misconduct toward users.

Over the past month, Facebook has been the target of headlines exposing their shady practices and disregard for user’s privacy. Cambridge Analytica and other research companies were given unprecedented access to user’s information, misusing data and gathering profiles on the site’s 2.2 billion users. Privacy and digital rights were thrown out the window in lieu of a cash grab by Facebook, turning the users of the site into a profitized product for advertisers to analyze and monitor.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg even went so far as to announce if Facebook users wanted privacy, they’d have to pay for it.  Previously, she went a step further, telling Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta that she wanted Hillary to “win badly” in her election campaign, and emails from John Podesta alluded to Facebook providing material assistance to Hillary’s campaign.  

Bear in mind, Facebook’s exposed misconduct comes nearly ten years after Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the site, claimed in 2009 that Facebook will never sell users’ personal information.

It’s obvious – if you dare hold the wrong opinion on social media, you will be ostracized and banned from public discourse merely for deviating from the established norm of hyper-realized leftism…

However, even if you do land on the same side of the political spectrum as Dorsey and Zuckerberg, you’ll still be abused and ill-treated; turned into a product to turn for cash, your personal info or sensitive data be damned. Is it any wonder these “free” social media sites are being revealed as holding a hefty price – your freedom and privacy – for their use?