U.K. Hits “Open Borders” Highs – 600,000 Migrants Arrive In Just One Year

On the heels of the Lyon terrorist attack that happened last Friday, with Mohamed Hichem M. confessing to the crime and pledging allegiance to ISIS, new statistics show that over a quarter million migrants entered Britain than refugees that left.

On top of that, The U.K. granted asylum or resettlement to 17,304 people – an increase over the previous year.

According to the ONS report:

Since 2016, the pattern of migration to the U.K. for work has been changing. Long-term immigration to the U.K. for work has fallen, mainly driven by the decline in EU arrivals. Despite this, 99,000 EU citizens still came to the U.K. long-term to work in 2018, a level similar to 2012. We are also seeing the number of skilled work visas for non-EU citizens increasing, although overall non-EU work-related immigration has remained broadly stable.

Vice chairman of Migration Watch U.K. Alp Mehmet claims that net migration remains at more than a quarter of a million, very abnormal and high. During 2018, nearly 75,000 more people entered than departed. The trend continues to rise and increase with each passing year. Mehmet says “The clear message in these figures for the next Prime Minister is that they must make it a priority to deliver on the government’s pledge to reduce immigration levels by a lot, in line with the public’s wishes”.

Although the Conservative party has won three elections under the promise of reducing net migration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands”, nothing of the such has been done. In 2010, Theresa May, who was Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016, railed against the previous Labour government’s inaction, detailing that “over Labour’s time in office net migration totaled more than 2.2 million people – more than double the population of Birmingham. We can’t go on like this.

Even with a win for the Conservative government in the election, nothing was done to curb the number of refugees entering the country with the same number of people arriving each year as before.

The British government still buries their heads in the sand regarding the dangers of unfettered migration, even after public opinion shows them the clear message of average citizens yearning for their countries to be secure and safe again.

It will be only up to the citizens of their respective countries to protect themselves and their land as more and more problems and issues arise from refugees and migrants infiltrating and desecrating their culture. Real authority figures in Europe have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not bear the best interests of their own people in mind.