Univeristy Of Edinburgh Student Investigated For Islamophobia After Mocking ISIS On Facebook

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Robbie Travers, a 21-year-old law student, is being investigated by the University of Edinburgh for claims he committed a “hate crime”.

Sharing a comment on his Facebook page – in response to the U.S. Air Force dropping a massive ordinance air blast (or MOAB, “Mother Of All Bombs) on a network of ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan in April – Travers said:

“Excellent news that the US administration and Trump ordered an accurate strike on an ISIS network of tunnels in Afghanistan. I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins.”

A complaint with the University was filed by a second-year history student that alleged Travers’ comment “put minority students at risk and in a state of panic” while also breaching the student code of conduct – with Edinburgh Uni even going so far as to open a probe over Traver’s plainly horrific comment obviously directed toward terrorists! Plainly, Travers should have known better than to dare to criticize any aspect of Islam – seeing as how, in June, a man was jailed for anti-Islam posts on Facebook and 36 people accused of hateful social media posts had their homes raided! 

Sadly, Robbie Travers is another notch in the rope of political correctness gone wrong across the pond…

Undeniably, a precedent has already been set. After scores of young girls were slaughtered at an Ariana Grande concert, the only outrage to be found was directed toward “racist” tweets. Female genital mutilation – an abhorrent practice under Islam – skated under the radar in Michigan for some odd years.  Muslim groups in Malaysia and Indonesia even boycotted Starbucks for their support of the LGBTQ movement!

Seemingly, the face of hardline Islam has fully revealed itself… but instead of seeing it for the true enemy of the West that it is; liberals, SJWs, and the mainstream media only see that true, radicalized face as “victimized” and “oppressed”. 

Even as far back as 2015, Muslims butted heads with the Jersey City school board over a proposal to close schools on a Muslim holiday, even though Muslims formed less than 4% of the city’s population at that time. Impassioned debate broke out over the proposal at a school board meeting, with a local Muslim mother espousing:

“We’re no longer the minority, that’s clear from tonight. We’re going to be the majority soon.”

Inciting words like that don’t help your cause or the fight against Islamophobia… An opined statement such as that implicitly broadcasts two things to anyone listening…

  • We are not assimilating, nor do we have any interest in doing so…
  •  When we are the majority, we’ll get our way – Sharia and all.

Sadly, Robbie Travers is not protected under freedom of speech in the U.K., nor is anyone else over there that’s brave enough to criticize Islam. As an American, it’s unbelievable to see the transgressions carried out over someone’s words and thoughts. Truly, the precedent has been set in England, the U.K., the EU… It will not get better, only worse. Citizens already do not have any protections regarding their speech or expression so technically, the injustice against Travers (and all the other mentioned cases in this article) aren’t even illegal!

It’s shocking that Travers – after mocking ISIS, a group we should all agree is OK to piss on and belittle – was chastised. Seemingly, when you side against the one insulting a radicalized group of terrorists attempting to destroy the West, you’re siding with the terrorists. Therefore, the stance the University of Edinburgh is taking – whilst accommodating to people offended by Travers’ comment – spits on the face of any real freedom of thought or expression.

More and more, it seems that America is becoming the last bastion of freedom – the only place on Earth where your right to speech and expression is still protected and lauded. Elsewhere, you’ll do time for sharing your opinions if they go against the mold. The U.S. constitution grants us our natural rights and because our forefathers had the wits to write them down, they can never be taken away or stomped on; lest our Constitution be degraded, which must never be allowed to happen.

The U.S. Constitution acts the bedrock for our freedoms and democracy, any subversion or change to it could lead to disasterous consequence. We have a foundation and guide to follow in regards to any enemies, domestic or foreign, facing us – and we’d be good to rely on it. Death by political correctness is 100% avoidable. However, the path the U.K. and EU are seemingly headed down has only one outcome: slaughter.