UPDATE: New Mexico Judges Drop Charges Against Alleged Terrorists Due To Technicality

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New Mexico Judge Emilio Chavez

Two new judges presiding over the terror compound prosecution in Northern New Mexico dropped charges against suspects in the case. Judge Emilio Chavez handled charges against Lucas Morton and the Wahhaj sisters, Subhannah and Hurjah… and quickly dismissed all charges against them on what appeared to be a technicality:

District Judge Emilio Chavez on Wednesday dismissed charges against three of the five defendants, ruling that authorities violated the state’s “10-day rule.”

Free Market Shooter had previously covered the case after Judge Sarah Backus shockingly released all five defendants on bail, in spite of allegations that the defendants planned to commit school shootings.

The following two defendants, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and his partner Jany Leveille, were deemed more dangerous – they were alleged to single out an Atlanta hospital as a target.  Also, Wahhaj is the son of his father with the same name, Siraj Wahhaj, who was “named by prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing”.

Possibly due to backlash against her, Judge Backus recused herself for the second hearing and was replaced by Chief Judge Jeff McElroy…

…who proceeded to dismiss charges against them as well, citing the same technicalities, as well as shoddy work by the DA in the case.

As covered by KOB4’s Ryan Laughlin, it appears the defendants in the McElroy case will remain imprisoned…

…but the entire affair has left everyone wondering – how exactly did three different judges come to rule to effectively free accused terrorists?

All three judges repeatedly cited how prosecutors were effectively unable to provide appropriate evidence to justify the charges against the accused.  However, it may be difficult to collect evidence without a crime scene, as the New Mexico compound in question was destroyed, with ammunition, a bulletproof vest, and paperwork still inside, apparently due to the court’s orders:

New Mexico authorities have executed a court order to destroy an encampment where the son of a famous New York Imam ritualistically murdered his three-year-old son and trained nearly a dozen other children to commit school shootings, according to Taos, NM prosecutors.

The decision to raze the compound is the latest controversial development in the case, after New Mexico judge Sarah Backus on Monday ordered four out of five alleged Muslim extremists free on a $20,000 “signature bond” (meaning they didn’t have to pay), including the suspect in his son’s murder, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj.

The entire affair has been an exercise in incompetence by everyone involved in serving justice in New Mexico, including and possibly not limited to – the prosecutor and/or DA, Sheriff’s office, and all of the judges in question.  Defendants are frequently jailed without bail on far less serious charges – yet, these potentially dangerous terrorists are permitted to walk free?

This echoes a disturbing trend in Europe which has been covered extensively by Free Market Shooter’s Jon Hall – a propensity to drop charges against Muslim defendants accused of serious crimes, while simultaneously jailing others simply for alleged “violations” of free speech:

A stunning claim reported by the Sunday Mirror revealed that Telford police have dropped more than 20 court cases against suspected child groomers – as the chief of police allegedly believes convicting all of the men would be “too much trouble”, according to a police source.

Markus Meechan – also known online by the username Count Dankula – now faces jail time after being convicted of a hate crime for uploading a video teaching a dog to give a Nazi Sieg Heil salute and excitedly react to the phrase “gas the Jews”.

In the video, Meechan claims he wanted to turn his girlfriend’s pug into the “least cute thing [he] could think of”. In turn, he began to teach it to react to the his phrase and lift its paw when prompted. In short, it’s obvious the video was a gag. However, following Meechan’s trial, Sheriff Derek O’Carroll told the court:

The accused knew that the material was offensive and knew why it was offensive. He would have known it was grossly offensive to many Jewish people.

One can only hope that the New Mexico justice system doesn’t follow in Europe’s wake and allow potential terrorists and dangerous criminals to walk free.  However, if they can’t get their act together…

…there is another potential option to ensure justice is delivered in the case.