UPDATE: On Seth Rich, Where There’s Smoke – There’s Fire

Last week, I reported stunning revelations in the Seth Rich investigation. Rich family P.I. confirms: Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to his murder.

The theories behind Seth Rich’s death have been plentiful and amplified – due in part to whistle-blowing organization, WikiLeaks. Just a month after Rich’s murder, WikiLeaks announced a $20K reward for any information on the murderer. More recently, WikiLeaks retweeted the Fox and Friends story that claimed evidence Rich had correspondence with WikiLeaks.

This week, Newt Gingrich, Hannity, and Kim Dotcom all came forward to speak about Seth Rich. After making some explosive claims, Hannity offered Dotcom a guest spot on his show for a chance to tell-all. On May 21st, Julian Assange tweeted:

“Wikileaks has never disclosed a source.  Sources sometimes talk to other parties but identities never emerge from WikiLeaks. #SethRich

Furthermore, as I researched into the story behind Rich and his murder, things started to stink. Coincidences and connections began to spring up.

For instance, Rich “normally threw back Bell’s beer for hours without a problem” The night of his murder? Rich was “uncharacteristically unsteady on his feet as he made his way out the door.” Joe Capone, manager of Lou’s City Bar – a haunt regularly fared by Rich, visited the White House just six days before the murder.  Also, George Webb reports that Capone said that he was out of town on the night of Rich’s murder…

but this article states otherwise:

So which is it? Was Capone out of the city… or did he offer Rich a ride home? It doesn’t add up.

Jennifer Palmieri, former Communications director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, also shares a last name with a surgeon at Medstar – the D.C. metro hospital closest to Bloomingdale, the neighborhood Rich was shot. A Dr. Sonia Palmieri works as a cardiovascular disease specialist at Medstar. Is it proof of any wrong-doing or motive? Of course not.  Is it probably coincidence? In this case, yes. It is weird, though, and it only gets weirder the deeper we go.

I’ve had it pointed out that Washington D.C. is an incestuous and intertwined community – therefore things like this will spring up.

absolutely agree with that assessment. D.C. – as the swamp capital of the world – houses an overwhelming number of elite families; of course connections and advantages will exist but as the saying goes, where there’s smoke – there’s fire. 

A month after Rich’s murder, Brad Bauman – a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant – emerged as the “family spokesman”. Sure, Rich was in at the DNC and his family may have been set up with a professional PR manager… but, two things:

A write-up published in August of 2016 rips Bauman and his PR company – The Pastorum Group – to shreds:

“Odd that Mr Joel Rich (Seth’s father) would have found Pastorum Group – simply randomly. Odd the associations and previous employment of the two founders of Pastorum Group entrenched in Hillary – Obama and Bernie.”

Secondly, look at how Bauman is reacting to Gingrich, Hannity, and Dotcom’s recent claims over Rich on Twitter.

Usually, when you call people out as having zero evidence on something, it means you’re pretty safe to ignore them.

However, Bauman escalates the situation and attempts to call them out; trying to make their claims look less realistic and debased. If they were wrong, Bauman would have no need to respond or argue with them… but he did. To me, that speaks volumes. Is Bauman anxious about something? Speaking of being anxious, it’s now revealed that ex-DNC chairwoman, Donna Brazille, warned off the P.I. investigating the murder as well.

Heather Podesta, ex-wife of Tony Podesta and notable Clinton lobbyist, is on the D.C. Police Foundation Board and close to the investigation into Seth Rich. As stated before, yes – I understand D.C. is incestuous and close-knit but are these connections not startling? We learned of these people’s abuse of power and corrupt nature through WikiLeak’s Podesta e-mails but we’re supposed to believe that none of this adds up? Sorry, but no.

Enter Andrew Therriault, former DNC director of data science, who shot off this tweet last month (but since deleted it – I wonder why).


After the Rich story re-ignited last week, the Reddit profile Seth used came to light. Seemingly a fan of the retro Transformers series, his handle – “MeGrimlock4”. Several things are apparent from glancing through his post history:

He liked patriotism. He liked to drink beer and bicycled avidly.

And Seth Rich really, really, really liked pandas.

Andrew Therriault, nearly a full year after Rich’s murder, tagged his account with a post that states “a group of pandas is called an embarrassment”. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire – and, at this point, there’s enough to suffocate in, in my opinion.

Independent journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, even confirmed that someone edited Rich’s Reddit profile a full day after being discovered by Internet sleuths. In the picture below, the top image is the original, unedited post made by Seth – including his e-mail. The middle image is the altered, edited post without his e-mail address. The bottom shows the original post, now deleted.

Finally, let’s travel back to during the election when the Sanders campaign took on a recommended staffer from the DNC. Uretsky, a likely DNC plant, went on to access and breach Clinton’s servers and campaign information acting under Bernie’s campaign – which led to Sanders locked out of his own voter information ahead of important primaries. Do we really believe that Rich didn’t see this attempt at framing and sandbagging Bernie? Do we really believe that Rich wasn’t dead-set on exposing voter fraud against Sanders and ending the corruption of the DNC – and Clinton?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

None of these connections equate cold, damning evidence. I understand that. However, I do hope that these odd “coincidences” at least make people consider alternative answers as opposed to blatant mainstream media cover-up. Plainly, if things are as rotten as they seem, evidence must come and quickly before the story fades back into obscurity once more – and likely for good.