Who’s #WithHer? Billionaires And Wall Street, Of Course

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The Burning Platform recently posted a Michael Krieger article, which in turn linked to a WSJ article which shared several graphics detailing the top donors in the 2016 election, and campaign funding totals.  Even a cursory glance will reveal who is getting the majority of funds, and who the richest donors have donated to.  Importantly, it all leads back to the same conclusion – Hillary’s staunchest support and source of funds comes from a small group of billionaires, millionaires, and special interest groups.  And her overall campaign war chest dwarfs Trump’s as a result.  Of course, Trump’s lack of funds from the same rich elites is one of the principle reasons I decided to vote for Trump in the first place,  but the overall difference between the candidates is shocking.

First, let’s take a look at the top ten overall donors – the richest of the billionaires:


We already knew the heaviest hitters donate heavily to Hillary, but I was still amazed to see that Trump received only 8% of the funds from the top ten donors.  And, it wasn’t just the top ten – a closer examination of all the million dollar donors showed that Hillary not only received over 5 times as many dollars from them that Trump did, they were still 88% of her overall campaign war chest, with that percentage being 24% higher than Trump’s.


Obviously, Hillary had a lot more support from billionaires and unions than Trump did, but for someone who pledges to overturn Citizens United, she still has no problem taking millions in funds from the Super PACs made legal by the ruling. 


And though it was unsurprising to see it, it should be shocking to her supporters – Wall Street is far and away the largest donor to Hillary’s campaign, with Wall Street donations more than doubling Trump’s total donations from million dollar donors.  For someone who claims to be a woman for the people and against Wall Street, the funds say she is clearly for Wall Street and union labor groups.

If you are someone who believes that everyone should have a voice in our government, and not just those with the biggest pocketbooks, the choice should be obvious.  Then again, its not like their other choice, the anti Wall Street candidate, wasn’t saying exactly the same thing, only to sell out and end up supporting her, just like all the Wall Streeters he claims to despise.


If you want real change from a political outsider, tomorrow might be your last chance ever to get it.  And, there’s only one choice.  Vote Trump, and help drain the swamp of cronyism and pay-for-play politics.