Why Are The Chinese Big Fat Liars?

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Across China, the Coronavirus outbreak seemingly gets worse by the day…

On February 5th, a baby tested positive for the virus just 30 hours after being born…

On February 6th, Li Wenliang, the doctor who originally blew the whistle on the illness died from the sickness…

A day after that, Guangzhou, one of the biggest cities in China, was placed on lockdown…

As of that point, around 400 million citizens across China were quarantined. It was also revealed that the Coronavirus can likely survive on surfaces for up to 9 days after contact.

On February 8th, citizen journalist Chen Quishi went missing.

Transcript for Quishi’s vlog: https://pastebin.com/BFCuFYr6

Exposing the true reality behind the outbreak, Quishi’s reporting showed horrific scenes of overstretched hospitals full of patients and a woman sitting next to a dead relative in a wheelchair frantically trying to contact family.

Quishi was invaluable to breaking the actual developments of the Coronavirus on the ground and now, he’s vanished.

All of these developments transpired amidst the climbing toll of those infected and dead from the sickness across China. As of writing, there are 34,878 confirmed cases worldwide, 724 dead, and 6,107 in critical condition.

New cases have also appeared in Singapore, France, Thailand, and Vietnam.

A senior Chinese government official ordered authorities across Wuhan to round up all residents infected with the Coronavirus and put them in isolation, quarantine camps, or designated hospitals.

Sun Chunlan, a premier tasked with heading the government’s response to the outbreak in Wuhan, claimed city investigators should go to each home to check the temperatures of every resident.

Makeshift mass quarantine shelters have been erected in response to the instruction by Chunlan. The shelters are meant for patients with “milder symptoms” of the Coronavirus but according to a viral post on Chinese social media site, Weibo, “conditions were very poor” at an exhibition center turned quarantine facility.

There were power outages and electric blankets that couldn’t be turned on to be used. Alongside that was a serious shortage of staff, with the post claiming “doctors and nurses were not seen to be taking note of symptoms and distributing medicine,” and that oxygen devices were scarce.

China’s response to an illness that’s been decreed as “less serious than the flu” is quarantining hundreds of millions who may have come in contact with the Coronavirus. After only 700 supposed deaths, this is perhaps the biggest indicator that something is not as it seems.

The illness is “nothing to worry about” – but major cities across China, huge population centers with millions of citizens – have been placed under quarantine. As time stretches on, it seems that the Chinese government can not hide the severity of the situation, no matter what they do or who they silence.