Yet Another Case Of Fake News Spin – Obama Separated Immigrant Families At The Border, Too

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In May, an image of immigrant children placed in holding cells went viral and was shared heavily, not only by a former Obama administration official but also by leftist activists – who used it as an opportunity to blast Trump for the heartless nature of his immigration policies. The only problem, the infamous image was from 2014 – under Obama.

Once again, we find liberals criticizing policies supposedly enacted by Trump, all whilst ignoring that these practices have been ongoing for almost the entire duration of Obama administration. 

The mainstream media and Democrats have denounced families being ripped apart at the border under the Trump administration, with the children of illegals being placed in detention centers and their parents put in jail for trying to enter the country illegally. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden even went so far as to compare this practice to concentration camps in Nazi Germany.  Somehow, we doubt that his illegal spying has uncovered millions of illegal immigrants being murdered in their detention centers by ICE officials.  

However, even ignoring Hayden’s hyperbole, the outrage and furor concerning these families torn asunder is completely ignorant of any context. No one decided to care or go against this same practice when it was happening under the Obama administration – unlike Trump, the mainstream media all but ignored the story while Obama was president. Even Hillary Clinton was right on cue with her lambasting of Trump’s “devastating” policy, saying:

It is now the official policy of the US government – a nation of immigrants – to separate children from their families. That is an absolute disgrace. There is no more important test of our country than the way we treat the most vulnerable among us, especially children. We cannot turn away from what’s happening on our watch – we have to act.

Notice Clinton’s wording… “a nation of immigrants”, she’s truly cherry-picking and suiting this idea to her own ends. Yes, America is a nation of immigrants – not illegal ones, but those who choose to come legally. Hillary is solely riding on an appeal to emotions whilst ignoring facts and reality.

As Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton knows that this same policy she’s deriding Trump for was also SOP under the Obama admin; but to admit that would only make her side look bad. Instead, she willfully misinforms the public – just like the mainstream media is shamelessly doing in regards to this faulty narrative. It is yet another instance of the liberal media keeping their mouths shut when it comes to any negatives being exposed regarding Obama yet belittling Trump for following the same practice.

Furthermore, when an American citizen breaks the law and is thrown in prison, aren’t they separated from their families? Why is there a special emphasis regarding illegals being separated from their children? Last I checked, actions have consequences, and no matter how much the opposition doesn’t like it – entering the country by jumping the border is a federal crime. While illegal immigrants clearly have no regard for their own safety and well-being when they attempt to enter the U.S. illegally, dragging their children along for the trip goes above and beyond negligence as parents.

Going even further, the countless Americans murdered needlessly by illegal aliens were separated from their families as well. However, victims like Kate Steinle don’t seem to be much of a point in these discussions when they should be showcased front and center; a tragic testament to the true victims of illegal immigration. The safety and security of citizens should always come before any undocumented alien, yet leftists seem to think it’s the other way around.

The real shame, though, belongs to the mainstream media – as they bemoan and blast Trump for following policies that the Obama administration also practiced for eight years. The double standard is not surprising, but it is certainly stark, just yet another case of the Fake News media misinforming and ignoring reality to garner another anti-Trump headline.