Acid Attacks And Murders Make Sadiq Khan’s London The “No-Go” Tourist Destination

In just the span of a few days in London, three people had acid thrown on them in separate incidents, including a market stall vendor targeted by people “wearing burqas”.

6:40 A.M. last Friday morning, Djamil Mogdad was preparing his clothes stall at Walthamstow Market when he was attacked “with a corrosive substance”, according to a Metropolitan Police spokesman.

A binman on the scene and gave chase to the attackers said he was having a cup of tea with friends at a cafe when Djamil ran in. The man described:

[Djamil] was shouting: ‘I have been attacked by acid.’ He knew it was acid straight away. I jumped up and… ran out and… see two people running so I run after them. They were covered in black burqas. All I could see is the back of them so I couldn’t tell if they were men or women. I got to the top of the road and I see them get in a car… I managed to get the first three registration numbers but it was all so quick, and they sped off… The whole thing lasted around 30 seconds. Where the acid hit the pavement it was bubbling on the floor…

Mogdad was taken to a hospital in east London and police report the injuries he sustained were non-life threatening but still, indeed, life changing

A little before 7:30 in the evening on the same day Djamil was attacked, two men in their twenties were assaulted as well in Hackney Downs. A hooded attacker sprayed liquid through their car window, causing the two victims to exit their vehicle and strip off their clothes, crying out in pain from the acid dousing.

Bystanders rushed to the men’s aid after the attack, pouring water over them in an attempt to wash away the corrosive acid.

Finally, another man in his twenties was attacked the following Monday when a car pulled up beside his vehicle and threw a substance in his driver’s window on Chequers Road. The victim was taken to the hospital although a Metropolitan Police spokesperson reports that “work continues to determine what the substance was”.

The spate of acid attacks comes on the heels of several murders in London. On June 17, a man was found stabbed to death in Stratford. The weekend before, the capital saw three other murders in less than 24 hours.

One must wonder what officials and politicians like Sadiq Khan thought would happen when they imported immigrants from backward, misogynist cultures into progressive, free societies with no integration or oversight.

Again and again, the bulk of refugees coming into Europe have proven they do not understand – nor do they care to – the concept of a liberated and free-choice culture. Instead, they attempt to cause chaos and havoc upon whom they see as nothing more than infidels – or unacceptable unbelievers.

London is under siege – and it’s a wholly preventable attack as authority figures willfully bury their head in the sand regarding the real and true dangers facing ordinary citizens.