Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood: Cover-ups and Serial Sexual Abuses Now Coming To Light

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Last week, the New York Times reported that elite media mogul Harvey Weinstein paid off sexual harassment accusers for decades. The New York Times, however, cannot be praised for breaking this bombshell report as the publication sat on and hid this story from the public since 2004.

Harvey Weinstein’s abuses of power and reach were unparalleled.

Having founded Miramax with his brother Bob in 1979, the two began by producing several independent films. In 1993, Disney bought Miramax for $80 million. Even after the Disney deal, Harvey and Bob Weinstein remained head of the company until 2005 when it was announced that they would leave Miramax to form The Weinstein Company.

Truly, the full scope of Weinstein’s reach is encapsulated in the movies his companies produced. With celebrities coming forward, among them Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Tomi-Ann Roberts, Rosanna Arquette, and others, against Weinstein – and that doesn’t even include all of his accusers – it seems that Harvey had à la carte choice of any girl he wanted, anytime.

It’s troubling as well that the whole of Hollywood and Democratic elites (whom Weinstein donated generously to over the years) didn’t condemn him or his actions until after he was fired. In other words, celebrities didn’t speak up until they knew it wouldn’t negatively impact their career; politicians didn’t speak up until they knew their cash flow had ended. After days of deafening silence, numerous actors and actresses spoke out en masse against Weinstein but it’s simply an empty gesture. Had any of them criticized and condemned Weinstein before his firing, that would be worth something. The fact they all waited to be sure they couldn’t be blacklisted from the industry shows their lack of actual concern.

This abuse and harassment has been going on for a long time – and it isn’t just perpetrated by Harvey Weinstein.

It also seems media outlets are complicit in hiding this type of behavior. Along with the New York Times hiding Weinstein’s indefensible actions since 2004, NBC sat on the story since this August – shelving NBC News correspondent, Ronan Farrow’s, months-long investigative report into Weinstein’s sexual misconducts. It’s negligent and completely hypocritical for the same media publications that insulated and protected Weinstein’s actions from seeing the light of day to accuse the President of being a misogynistic, sexual predator with no proof.

What do we have proof of? Weinstein’s sexual deviations

Weinstein attempted again and again to coerce an actress to watch him shower and admitted to groping her on tape. This is the behavior the New York Times and NBC willingly sat on; therefore, they allowed Weinstein’s cycle of victims to continue. Both publications should and must be held accountable for their brazen lack of morals and ethics; their actions are grotesque and disgusting and should never be forgotten.

Weinstein reportedly begged Louisette Geiss – formerly of “Two and a Half Men” and “The Drew Carey Show” – to watch him masturbate in the hot tub of his hotel a decade ago. On Wednesday, actress Cara Delevingne also came forward to share her experience with Weinstein. After an audition, Harvey invited her up to his hotel room but Delevingne denied the offer initially, but after Weinstein’s assistant encouraged her to go up, she did. Once in his hotel room, Weinstein told Delevingne to kiss another woman in the room. Before refusing and leaving, Weinstein also tried to kiss Delevingne on the mouth. Even as early as 2015, Weinstein was under fire for “groping” model Ambra Battilana but the case was thrown out by the Manhattan DA.

Again, I stress, this sickening behavior was hidden and sat on by the New York Times and NBC.

As for the argument that Weinstein’s behavior wasn’t common knowledge among Hollywood celebs, check out this clip starting at 3:24:

Host Seth MacFarlane quips, all the way back in 2013:

Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.

The idea that Weinstein’s sexual misconducts were clandestine and unknown to the majority is totally bogus. If Seth MacFarlane is joking about it on The Oscars, it’s common knowledge among the industry and the elite. Even a scene on the NBC show, 30 Rock lambasted Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuses in 2012. His devious and revolting behavior is rife for pop culture references but it was unknown to the whole of Hollywood. Don’t make me laugh.

Rose McGowan – who has also come forward with allegations against Weinstein – blasted Ben Affleck after he released a statement saying that he’s “sad and angry” after reading about Weinstein’s decades of abuse. McGowan claims that she told Affleck about her abuse at the hands of Weinstein years ago; so for him to claim ignorance is in direct contradiction with that. Even more surprising, actress Hilarie Burton has come forward with an allegation against Affleck himself, saying that he groped her on TRL in 2003 when she was “just a kid”. Affleck apologized hours after the story came to light.

With Weinstein – the top dog of Hollywood – being deposed, celebs and execs are seemingly beginning to turn on each other and eating their own…

…And speaking of the leftist Establishment eating their own…

CNN criticized Obama’s and Clinton’s lack of condemnation toward Weinstein. For once, CNN succinctly hits the nail on the head:

Weinstein has long been a Clinton donor with ties to the political family. Weinstein was one of many from Hollywood who donated to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund in the 1990s, a Washington Post report from the time stated. More recently, the Clintons rented a home next to Weinstein in the Hamptons in 2015, and Weinstein served as a connector between Hollywood stars and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Going even further, CNN points out:

CRP’s OpenSecrets website shows Weinstein was a bundler for Obama as well, and the Hollywood giant visited the White House on several occasions during Obama’s tenure. At a White House event for student films in 2013, first lady Michelle Obama credited Weinstein for making the event happen and praised him as a wonderful person and a good friend.

You’d think, after the scores of women coming forward against Weinstein, that being male in Hollyweird would spare you from sexual abuse… but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Both Rob Schneider and Terry Crews came out as victims of sexual harassment at the hands of high level Hollywood execs and Schneider stressed that Weinstein is not alone in his gross sexual misconduct.

After all of this, the countless stream of actresses coming out to expose Weinstein as the serial abuser he is – justice will at least be served.

Except it isn’t. On Tuesday night, Weinstein boarded a private jet for Europe, en route for a rehab center for sex addiction; a la pedophile Roman Polanski in 1978 who fled to France after pleading guilty to having sex with a teenager. After victimizing and abusing an unknown number of women, Weinstein gets off scot-free simply because he’s attending rehab.

The larger problem here is the culture of complicity that has been created and abused by people like Weinstein. Why didn’t all of these actresses come out long before this? Having kept quiet for so long, even as victims of his actions, they covered for Weinstein and perpetuated his cycle of sexual abuse. If Weinstein was able to get away with sexually abusing the rich and powerful for so long; what other execs and directors are currently using their status to sexually mistreat women and be covered for?

Of course, though, Weinstein’s repulsive behavior is all the fault of President Trump. Let’s be clear: Weinstein’s actions are no one’s fault but his own. As badly as mainstream media outlets attempt to connect Weinstein’s dehumanizing, soulless serial abuses to Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood “grab ’em by the pussy” tape and the bogus and debunked claims of harassment that came out against him during the election, it’s just not going to happen.

For one, the only thing able to be dug up on Trump is the Access Hollywood tape; and saying something is a far stretch from doing it, as Harvey Weinstein can tell you. Leftist, liberals, Hollywood celebrities will criticize and chastise for off-hand remarks but give standing ovations to guilty pedophiles and think nothing of double standards. As the mainstream media blames and connects Trump to Weinstein’s decades-long string of sexual abuse, ask yourself this…

Would the Weinstein scandal have even been allowed to come out if Hillary Clinton won the Presidency?

I don’t think so…

Finally, consider this:

What are the odds that multiple prominent male figures associated with Hillary Clinton are serial sexual predators? 

And now…

  • Her most loyal and generous Hollywood donor, Harvey Weinstein.

At what point does coincidence become a trend?

Then again, who knows, Weinstein may have simply been sacrificed to keep the attention and focus off of another major scandal brewing…

Only time will tell.