The AOC / Freshmen Democrat Media Headlines Are All Just Bait

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It’s basically impossible to consume any media source without hearing some cursory mention of one of the gang of Freshmen Democrat House Representatives.  FMShooter’s Jon Hall previously covered Rashida Tlaib‘s outburst on President Trump, noting her links to radical imam Siraj Wahhaj…

Siraj Wahhaj is an Imam who holds the belief that homosexuality is a disease and whose son, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, was training school shooters and engaged in ritualistic human sacrifice at the terrorist compound found in New Mexico back in August.

…Ilhan Omar continues to make headlines for her own links to extremism

…and DNC “Superstar” AOC has made waves with her “Green New Deal” – even though it was promptly dismissed by her co-sponsor, Senator Ed Markey.  Markey shrugged off the “plan” to push the US towards carbon-free energy while closing all nuclear plants – themselves the source of over 50% of America’s carbon-free energy – even though none have been completed since the 1990s.

All of this mainstream media attention and conservative counter-commentary has been a media bonanza, feeding tons of headlines that fuel an even larger number of clicks.  Astoundingly enough, they are playing right into the hands of Democratic Socialists of America members AOC and Tlaib.  With populist revolt and anger towards the corrupt establishment engulfing the two (one) party system, the rise of Bernie Sanders and the DNC’s socialist wing is very much the other side of the same coin that allowed Trump to hijack the GOP for his own ends.

Meanwhile, AOC and her ilk seem to have taken a page out of Trump‘s “Art of the Deal” playbook with their “Green New Deal”.  They’ve started with a totally asinine headline-grabbing proposal that no one will ever accept, but has generated a ton of press.  In the process, more people are paying attention to the parts of the proposal they deem less outrageous, and the voting bloc gradually grows and warms to the proposals.

Even Trump realizes that socialism is a threat – and stated as much during his State of the Union address:

…and though taking on the DSA is the right call, these DNC subverters will gradually whittle away the dumbest and least voter-acceptable elements as the socialist movement gets more support.  While AOC and Tlaib might not have the national charisma necessary to accomplish this, eventually someone will come along who does – and the new socialist “leader” will already have roots in the party to help peddle the agenda.

Media coverage and rage-clicks continue, and the DSA will continue to build its base, refining its “Green New Deal” and other policies in the process.  Next thing you know, President Harris (or someone even worse) signs sweeping “green-only” legislation – and socialist policy advances in the US far beyond excessive entitlement spending.

What can be done about this?  A lot is riding on the success or failure of President Trump, and whether or not his reform of the Republican party helps improve the station of disenfranchised Americans.  If the economy collapses, a mix of populism/socialism could co-opt the Democratic party – leading to the rise of far-left policy that would be unthinkable even today.

All AOC and the Democratic Socialists had to do to get the ball rolling was bait the populace with stupid ideas that garner an outsized portion of media attention.  And while everyone (including FMShooter writers) falls for their bait and gives them negative attention, socialist ideas quietly simmer beneath the surface.  While socialism will more than likely never be implemented by the current group of moronic representatives…

…a more-polished politician might just show up, discard their stupidest ideas, steal the rest of the platform, have the now-freshmen DSA representatives work as the foot soldiers, and voila – socialism in America could be on its way, courtesy of a hijacked DNC.