Female Insecurity In Europe On The Rise Following Murder By Afghan Migrant And Shock Swedish Poll

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In the German city of Jena, authorities have arrested a 23-year-old migrant from Afghanistan after discovering the body of an 87-year-old German woman believed to have been murdered.

The woman’s body was found last weekend in a cellar in the city. Police, believing the woman had been slaughtered, drew up an arrest warrant for the 23-year-old refugee who was arrested by authorities, a neighbor of the slain woman claimed to a German newspaper.

Before being found dead, the 87-year-old woman had been missing for two days.

As previously reported by FMShooter, other similar murders have occurred across Europe – such as the 85-year-old Holocaust survivor who was stabbed to death in Paris by an anti-Semitic migrant last March.

Alongside this brutal murder, recent statistics released by the Swedish criminal agency, Brå, reveal that 42% of women aged 20 to 24 feel insecure going about their everyday lives, fearful they could become victims of migrant crime.

Maria Söderström, an investigator at Brå, detailed:

The fact that many people’s lives are limited by the fact that they have to change their travel routes and methods is a serious consequence of the insecurity and anxiety about crimes that young women say they experience.

This new report from Brå comes after another report released last July that showed almost half of women living in “no-go zones” across Sweden felt insecure in their own neighborhoods after dark. The same report detailed that more Swedes are becoming more wary of what they post online due to the potential of being harassed or threatened for what they post.

Sadiq Khan’s London also notably has focused more resources into investigating and punishing “hate crimes” rather than the actual dangerous and growing threat of crime on the street putting ordinary citizens in danger.

It’s truly a sad state of affairs across Europe, with pensioned citizens being killed needlessly and the youth female population afraid to go about daily activities in fear of being caught up in a robbery, rape, or murder. 

Things will continue to worsen before they get better, and average citizens will be the one to bear the brunt of the shifting tide of culture as European politicians import more refugees and migrants wholly incompatible with any free and Westernized society. The only question that remains is how close Europe and its citizens are to reaching boiling point in result of the disastrous policies being enacted.