Minneapolis Woman Stabbed 14 Times By Somali Immigrant – Media Blackout Ensues

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26-year-old Morgan Evenson.

On the night of December 13, Morgan Evenson, walking home from work, was chased down, tackled, and repeatedly stabbed and left for dead by a Somali migrant – bleeding profusely on the curb of the street.

Evenson was left with 14 stab wounds on her arms, neck, and back. Her kidney was also lacerated.

Miraculously, Evenson survived. After hearing her screams, neighbors came to her aid and her attacker – described as a a Somali man in his 20’s, somewhat built and wearing gray stone-washed jeans – fled the scene.

Evenson had merely been walking home from work, an Apple Store just eight blocks from her apartment. Police have called the incident a botched robbery, but Evenson’s attacker did not take her purse or money.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the city’s largest newspaper, hasn’t reported on the story.

Any media publications that are reporting on the story are conveniently omitting the attacker’s full description as Somali. As Southwest Journal reported:

Police described the suspect as a man in his early 20s, about 5 feet 7 inches with a light build, wearing… gray stone washed jeans.

This type of reporting is gross and brazen – to not report on someone’s background because of their likely association with Islam is devoid of any real integrity.  Sadly, these “omissions” in coverage have become far too commonplace.

Just days ago, a memorial to Justine Diamond – an Australian woman shot and killed by a Minneapolis policeman of Somali descent who was fast-tracked into the force in the name of diversity – was removed

The small shrine was deemed as “white nationalist” and promptly deconstructed…

The type of attack Evenson endured is not something new…

In September of 2017, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Dahir A. Adan stabbed several people in a mall – he was a refugee admitted into the United States. In November of 2016, at Ohio State University, Abdul Razak Ali Artan hit pedestrians with his car before exiting his vehicle and stabbing several others. Again, he was a refugee admitted into the United States… November 2017, Mahad Abdirahman, a refugee, stabbed several in a shopping mall center.

Niskanen Center’s Matthew La Corte posited that “refugees have injected new life into St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Nashville, Baltimore, and other cities” – we could always ask Morgan Evenson if she agrees with that statement.

In fact, refugees carrying backward and Islamicized societal standards do not “inject” anything into Westernized, modern cities – instead, refugees have chosen not to assimilate, opting instead to attempt to push out Western ideals and culture over time.

Evenson’s attack was brutal and horrific, but the ensuing media blackout is a sign of political correctness run amok. The media, and even the police (in the extreme cases like Cedar-Riverside, Minneapolis and Dearborn, Michigan) are no longer operating with the best interests of the indigenous population in mind.

European governments have thrown their respective nations into chaos by allowing dangerous migrants to emigrate and not be subject to the rule of law…

…and do not fool yourself, the same wave sweeping over Europe is in the U.S. and already rearing its ugly face.