Only 6% of Americans Think The Russian Narrative Is Important

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In a poll released on Monday by Bloomberg News, it was revealed that only a mere 6% of Americans think the Russian narrative is important. Overwhelmingly, Americans were more concerned with healthcare reform, unemployment, terrorism, and immigration over the baseless Russia hysteria plaguing the mainstream media.

Take note of the source: coming from the left-leaning Bloomberg means that this isn’t Fake News.

Only 6% of Americans believe the Russian narrative holds any water. Even then, that 6% consists of a fringe group of radicalized Fake News zombies. Viewers who are unable to discern fairy-tale from reality because it bolsters their anti-Trump narrative. With the Fake News media forcing the Russian collusion narrative down the throats of U.S. citizens at every turn, it’s essentially thought control if only 6% of the population actually cares.

Cable news channels focus on what is a total non-issue. They blow it out of proportion with no evidence and keep it alive long after it died, stoking Russian hysteria. With their arrogant insistence of a scandal and something there when it comes to Trump/Russia, some viewers were bound to latch on to the complete lies Fake News runs with. It’s completely shameless; and now, thanks to the Bloomberg poll, it’s been exposed.

To add to the shamelessness of the Fake News media, Hillary Clinton has more proven ties to Russia and other foreign governments than Trump. Does CNN or MSNBC report that, though? No. Instead, they happily continue to serve up a nothingburger against Trump in a ploy for ratings. The reality is that Clinton sold off a chunk of U.S. uranium to Russia. She took “donations” from foreign governments. More recently, it’s been revealed that the DNC colluded with Ukraine to get dirt on Trump – even Politico reported it.

The Democratic party is the party of projection.

Every single thing they accuse Trump or the GOP of doing, they’re doing themselves. They sit on a throne of moral superiority but cannot champion their own high standards. Hillary Clinton profited off of a lucrative business deal with Russiayet no one seems to care. The DNC colluded with Ukrainians in an attempt to gain dirt on Trump. Donald Trump Jr. did the same thing – meeting with a planted Democratic operative to gain negative information on Clinton – and the outrage and furor was off the charts. The DNC working together with a foreign government in an effort to bring down Trump, though? No big deal, as long as you’re not being buddy-buddy with Russia.

I’m not sure how many more times it can be said. There is absolutely no credence behind the Trump/Russia conspiracy theory. The next time someone brings up the ridiculous, laughable notion that Trump is the one that colluded and not Hillary, remind them that they’re in the minority. Only 6% of Americans are continuing to fall for the BS. Plainly, Fake News’ days are numbered.